When I’m With You I Feel At Home

10 Jul

Road tripping with David is by far the best!  It’s fun.  It’s comfortable.  It’s a bit adventurous, but not too adventurous for me.  It’s funny.   There’s singing, waving, honking, snacking and uncontrollable laughing.

Our church sent David to a music/worship conference in Ridgecrest, North Carolina.  He went last year and I was ignorant not to join him.  This year I went.  And I am glad I did.

The conference was good, David gained some valuable information from it.  I got to hear some good music and feel real out of place as everyone else there could sing a B# on pitch at any given time, play an instrument, read any music and knew exactly what page to turn back to for the CODA and had interesting information about music to add to the conversations at meal time.  (please forgive me if everything I just said makes no sense)

I was a fish out of water, but I was happy to be there with David because that made him happy.  AND,  I do love music– all sorts of styles.  So I was blown away by some of the incredible performances that we saw.

Ridgecrest is 17.6 miles away from Asheville, North Carolina.  Asheville is a place where I feel a little more at home.  It’s full of fantastic arts, food, people and street music.  We had some free time to venture out to Asheville while we were in the area.  We ate some great food, went to a few farmer’s markets, shopped and drove around a lot just to look.  Some of my favorite places were Early Girl Eatery, Noodle Shop, Malaprop’s, Kress Emporium, Lucky Otter and the WNC Farmer’s Market.

I tend to get so caught up in enjoying the moment that I don’t take pictures.  So I only have a few to share, a couple of them are not even mine.

Early Girl Eatery

At Early Girl Eatery all the food sounded so delicious.  I had a hard time deciding, but I ended up getting the vegetable plate because so many of their sides sounded so good.  The squash casserole and broccoli salad were incredible!  David got a side of fresh local sausage with his meal and I normally don’t like sausage, but he made me try it and then I wanted to steal it from him.  GO THERE!  EAT FRESH FOODS!

Kress Emporium:: photo from Kress Emporium website

The Kress Emporium is a beautiful building built in 1928 that is filled with arts, crafts and antiques from over 80 regional artists, collectors and crafters.  David visited this place the previous year that he went to Asheville and this building alone was one of the main reasons he wanted me to go visit the city.  He knows me well, I spent quite a bit of time in here and came home with a beautiful handmade glass bud vase.

There are a lot of farmer’s markets in the area, here a some pictures from one of the ones we visited, the Western North Carolina Farmer’s Market.

One of my favorite things about North Carolina is that you can buy glass bottle sodas just about anywhere!  I got off my no soda kick just a little bit while I was there so I could enjoy these:

Cheerwine:  Sparkling soda with wild cherry

We had a wonderful time in North Carolina, once the conference was over we decided to make our way back West through Tennessee with a couple of stops along the way.  We ventured off of Interstate 40 through the Smokey Mountains and through Gatlinburg.  The lookouts were breath taking!

Jill & David somewhere in the Smokey Mountains

After Gatlinburg we continued westbound with the plan to spend a couple of days in Franklin, Tennessee.  Which has become one of my top five favorite towns that I have visited.  I spent hours browsing the lovely shops in historic downtown Franklin and the shops and booths in The Factory at Franklin.  We drove out in the countrysides and enjoyed the beautiful rolling hills, homes and ranches.  We both loved it here.  I’m already making plans to go back.

If you ever go to Franklin, let me strongly encourage you to eat at Merridee’s Breadbasket and then make your way to Leiper’s Fork for a meal at Puckett’s.

David’s burger from Puckett’s!

I wish I had more pictures of the places we visited and the scenery that we enjoyed.  But I am also glad that I was just able to enjoy the moment and didn’t worry about trying to make good pictures.  Let me just say that if you ever travel through Tennessee, then be sure to make a stop in Franklin.  And if you are in East Tennessee, just go ahead a few more miles into North Carolina and spend some time in Asheville.  In both places you will find nice people, yummy fresh foods, good music and lots of local handmade goods!

If you know of any good towns to visit, please let me know!

My favorite thing is to go where I’ve never been.  -Diane Arbus


One Response to “When I’m With You I Feel At Home”

  1. sarah July 11, 2011 at 11:29 am #

    I can only just imagaine how beautiful it was standing there looking at the mountains or strolling down the streets of Franklin and Asheville. Glad y’all had an enjoyable and fun trip together.

    HUGS’ sarah

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