Selfish Post

23 Jan

With the new Facebook timeline layout I find it easier to find things from several years ago that I have posted on my Facebook.  It’s hilarious and embarrassing all at the same time.  One of the things I came across was one of those “Write 25 Random Things about yourself then tag five people….blah blah blah”.  I wrote this 2 years ago:

1. Regardless of the fact that most people find it ugly, I love my 2nd middle name, Eberdt.
2. I prefer shopping alone.
3. Algebra was my favorite subject in school.
4. Memories from my childhood through adolescent years are very detailed.
5. I have an unusually strong sense of smell.
Along with that comes…
6. I associate current smells with past events in my life. For instance, the smell of bandaids always reminds me of the allergy drops that I took when I was younger.
7. I have glasses, but rarely wear them, therefore I feel guilty at times because my dad paid alot of money for them.
8. I still dislike the new Facebook.
9. I usually only keep about 10 outfits in my closet at a time.
10. I have re-read many parts of many of my high school text books.
11. Every room in my house is a different color.
12. I like to travel, but I am really a homebody.
13. I just renewed my West Memphis Library card. Yes, I am a nerd.
14. I have an obsession with papers, pens, books, paint, chewing gum, containers, & cleanliness.
15. I miss my grandparents more and more each year.
16. I keep all paper shopping bags.
17. I rarely follow a recipe when cooking.  I read recipes, but rarely follow them.
18. I love mail, envelopes, postage, and the United States Post Office.
19. I prefer the small town life over the city life, but I really like big cities.
20. I once put diswashing soap in the fountain of the West Memphis funeral home.
21. I read a lot.
22. I own more pajamas than I do any other type of clothing.
23. I am so glad I went to India in 2003.
24. I talk to strangers all the time.
25. I prefer life before cellphones!
26. I always share my Pop Rocks with my dog, Noel.
27. I love cash registers and adding machines.

Today I found these old Polaroids of me from my childhood.  Both were taken at my grandmother’s house, Noni Red.  Awww, what great memories!


3 Responses to “Selfish Post”

  1. Donna L. Hogue January 24, 2012 at 10:43 am #

    I love you so much. I like a lot of the same things that you do and I think Julia looks like you!!!!!

  2. sarah January 24, 2012 at 4:49 pm #

    Really enjoyed this post :)

    • Jill Denton January 26, 2012 at 3:09 pm #

      Thanks, y’all!

      Ms. Donna, we’ve got a picture of me and Julia around the same age frame and we do indeed favor each other! : )

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