Consider It Summer

1 May

Last year when summer time rolled around I found it very difficult to keep up the blog posts.  Well, consider it summer because I’m currently having the same problem.  I have so many things I’d like to blog about: new paint color, thrift store finds, yummy foods, antique store shopping, big lessons learned, house guests from California and lots of other fun stuff.  I simply just can’t get around to getting it all together.

In the meantime I’ll share a beautiful song with you, a place to go visit and an excerpt from a book I’m reading.

My new, favorite song for the moment:  Set Free by All Sons and Daughters

* * * * *

Local people, GO TO OUR LOCAL THRIFT STORE:  Sacks Thrift Avenue

Tucked away behind the liquor store/car wash on Broadway in West Memphis is one of my favorite little places to visit in town.  Sacks Thrift Avenue is a great thrift store with lots of surprises waiting for me to find!  I got these metal chairs there last week!   The people that work at Sacks Thrift Avenue are so nice, their prices are incredible, they get new stuff all the time.  Go there and support their business!  Find them on Facebook here:  Sacks Thrift Avenue

* * * * *

From Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ by John Piper:

“Everyone can read the stories of Jesus and “see” the portraits painted by the words of those who knew him.  But not everyone sees truth and beauty and infinite value.  Some only see myth.  Some see foolishness.  Some see offense.  “Seeing they do not see.”  It is as though a child should look at a Michelangelo and prefer a comic strip.  When you see something as true and beautiful and valuable, you savor it.  That is, you treasure it.  You cherish it and admire and prize it.  Spiritual seeing and spiritual savoring are so closely connected that it would be fair to say:  If you don’t savor Christ, you haven’t seen Christ for who he is.  If you don’t prize him above all things, you haven’t apprehended his true worth.”

* * * * *


One Response to “Consider It Summer”

  1. KCC May 9, 2012 at 9:42 am #

    Oh man, I have been feeling the exact same way lately- it’s warm outside and a million exciting things have been happening non-stop but I never feel like sitting down long enough to put it together. I kept thinking I’d do better with blogging in the fall and decided I’m just going to enjoy the summer months as much as I can! I do miss Inside Out, though!

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