My Cardio

13 Apr

When I saw this in a text from a friend that read “this reminded me of you”, I cracked up because literally seconds before picking up my phone I had just scooted furniture around in the family room. 

I get it honestly. My mom is a furniture mover too. In fact, one of my favorite childhood memories is when I would get home from school and Mom would say “go look in your room”.  It was always such a treat to find my room moved around a bit- something as simple as moving the bed from this wall to that wall made me all giddy inside. Thank you, Mom!

So now, I’m passing on those special funsies with my little biscuit. While she’s at Parent’s Day Out today, I’ve gotten my cardio in for the day! 

Another fun memory– twinkle lights in the bedroom! So magical! 


One Response to “My Cardio”

  1. faithfuleyes April 13, 2017 at 3:45 pm #

    I love moving furniture, too! It would be great to be a kid again if I could live in this room.

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