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One Response to “LETS TALK.”

  1. Mommy January 10, 2012 at 5:07 am #

    Hi Jill, I just read your article about the dentist. I,too, have had to learn the hard way where the dentist is concerned. Although I have never been a sick as you were I have lost teeth from neglect. Last week after my second day root canal which brought me to tears, I was so glad to leave the office! I like my new dentist and the hygienist. They are thorough and sympathetic. They take the time to explain what is going on. The new technology makes X-rays easier and I get to see my pics from my chair. I bought a toothbrush that smiles after two minutes and it is helping me to take the time to do a good job on the teeth I have left. There is improvement already to my gums. Yay!! I still have a few appointments left to catch up but I too have learned my lesson and will keep going in for check ups every six months. You and I sound like a commercial for the Dental Association.
    After reading the post I clicked on more and found the story about the nest and Birdie. Reading it on an IPad kept me scrolling down as I read so I didn’t see the pictures too early. The whole thing was beautifully written and the pictures were amazing. I would have cried too, at good by. Helpless creatures capture our hearts and, apparently the heart of our Heavenly Father.
    Love, Mommy

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