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New Stuff, Fun Stuff

20 Feb

Over the weekend I added a few little happies to my Etsy shop.  Here’s a peek:

Star shaped magnets by jilldentonART

Note Cards by jilldentonART

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Forty-four Cent Challenge

18 Apr

I love handwritten letters in my mailbox.  Even more so, I love sending handwritten  letters to other people to find in their mailbox.  When was the last time you sent someone a personal note in the mail?  With current technology there are so many faster ways to communicate, but there are situations that demand the more personal, meaningful approach of actually using a pen, paper, envelope and stamp.

The Challenge:

Look for at least one opportunity a month to send someone a handwritten note.  There are people hurting that could use a word of encouragement.  Someone that has done something for you could use a thoughtful expression of gratitude.  Just look around, I guarantee that if you are willing, you will find a situation appropriately fitting for a note card and worthy of your forty-four cents.

Here are just a few of my favorite handmade note cards that I love to use:

Paper Lace by AshleyPahl

My Pickle Jar by Lisaorgler

Cherry Note Cards by Novachix

Carousel Card No.2 by Digtheearth

Will you take the challenge?  If so, I’d love to hear how it goes.  Happy writings!

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