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My Funny Valentine

2 Feb

I like the color red and pink a lot.  I love hearts.  I really like chocolate candies in foil wrappers.  I love handmade cards.  I am loved.  This all amounts to really liking the month of February and Valentine’s Day.  This year I had plans to make a lot of Valentines to mail out and to create quite a bit of love themed artwork, but with the month of January came several unplanned events that placed me other places than my art room.  Oh well!  I did get in there the other night and do just a few things to list in my Etsy shop in case anybody out there is looking for a little handmade love to share with someone special.  And I am still hoping to get in there and squeeze out a few Valentines for the special little people in my life…my nieces and nephews!

More Than Pickles                                                                                               jilldentonART 

Soul Mates Forever                                                                                              jilldentonART 

Together                                                                                                                   jilldentonART

H A P P Y    V A L E N T I N E S


What Every Man Wants For Valentine’s Day…

17 Feb

Well, not every man, but when your man has an enormous eraser collection this is what he wants for Valentine’s Day:

A gigantic gorilla eraser!  He measures about 4″ long.


I was so happy when I found this not-so-little guy.  These days it’s hard to find one that my husband, David doesn’t already have in his collection.  If you happen to run across a unique eraser, let me know.  I’m always in search for them.

Here’s a picture from 2008 of him in front of his collection.  It’s grown a lot since then.

Valentines, I Love You

9 Feb

I love Valentine’s Day.  A day that’s decorated with hearts, my favorite colors and promotes the eating of chocolate and conversation hearts is my kind of holiday.  Oh, and L-O-V-E is such a cute word!

For the past few years I have been hand making Valentines that I mail to friends and family.  This year I made somewhere around 45 of them!  Here’s a little peek at a few:

For the kids in my life, their Valentines included one of my favorite treats, Fun Dip!  I also included a little happy, a handmade felted heart magnet, for a few jilldentonART fans that happened to be online at the right time and got in on my Valentine sign-up.

I’ve told my husband, David on more than one occasion that I don’t want him to fall into the commercialized trap of thinking that he has to buy me some over indulgent gift, send me overpriced roses or plan some romantic giveaway to prove his love for me on V-Day.  I personally find the pressure to buy, give, surprise and out do last year’s gift just ridiculous.  We have exchanged gifts before on February 14th.  We’ve even gone out-to-eat at a nice restaurant.  And this year he’s definitely getting several handmade cards from me!


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